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Our December and January Holiday programs are now available for booking!
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Creative Kids Art Club – Christmas Holiday Program 2021

Christmas Art Classes

Junior Artist Christmas classes - $32 per 1hr class for 4 to 6yr olds

Festive Gnome

Create this gorgeous Festive Gnome with paint and collage. We’ll have fun creating patterns with stripes and dots and then we’ll give the gnome a fluffy beard and a glittery pom pom for his hat!
Nedlands Fri 17 Dec, 9-10am, East Vic. Park Tues 21 Sep, 9-10am or Mon 4 Oct, 9-10am,
Piara Waters Mon 20 Dec, 10-11am, Kingsley Mon 20 Dec, 9-10am

Stained Glass Angel
Decorate your window with this beautiful stained glass angel. We’ll paint and add colourful overlapping strips of colour to make this angel shine brightly for Christmas at your place.
Kingsley Tues 21 Dec, 9-10am, East Vic. Park Wed 22 Dec, 9-10am,
Nedlands, Mon 20 Dec, 10-11am

Christmas Tree
Join us to create a Christmas Tree with printing and collage techniques. We’ll add some sparkle with a shiny star and Christmas baubles to decorate the tree.
Kingsley, Mon 20 Dec, 10-11am, East Vic. Park, Tues 21 Dec, 10 to 11am
Nedlands, Mon 20 Dec, 9-10am, Piara Waters, Mon 20 Dec, 9-10am

Santa Claus
Paint this gorgeous Santa Claus on colourful A3 paper. We’ll add decorations to his hat with paint pens to give him a folk art twist and complete the work with rosy cheeks and a pompom for his hat.
East Vic. Park, Wed 22 Dec, 10-11am

Christmas Art Classes

Creative Kids Christmas classes for 7 to 14 yr olds

Folk Art Angel (2hrs $62)
We will design and paint a stunning Christmas Angel on A3 paper. We’ll create skin tones and use light and shadow on the face. We’ll create patterns and add details with paint pens to complete this gorgeous artwork.
East Vic. Park, Wed 22 Dec 11-1pm, Kingsley, Mon 20 Dec, 11-1pm, Nedlands, Fri 17 Dec, 10am-12noon

Christmas Koala (1hr workshop) $32
Join us to draw a sweet Christmas Koala in a Santa hat and bow tie. We will teach students how to draw the basic face shape and then how to add the features in. Finally, we will add a bright red Santa hat and a starry night background.
Kingsley, Tues 21 Dec, 10-11am, East Vic. Park Tues 21 Dec, 11am-12noon, Piara Waters, Mon 20 Dec, 11am-12noon

Clay Candle Luminary (2hr workshop) $62
Make a decorated candle holder for a tea light candle using air dry clay. Students will learn techniques to work with clay such as forming, rolling a slab, joining clay and punching patterns.
Nedlands, Mon 20 Dec, 11-1pm, East Vic. Park, Tues 21 Dec, 1-3pm

Christmas Star

Merry Christmas from all of us at Creative Kids Art Club. May the festive season be a wonderful time for your family.

Sweet January Holiday Classes for 2022 - Download the full January Holiday Program

Junior Artist January Holiday classes

Junior Artists (4-6yrs) 1 hour class $32

Fun with Fruit
Create this colourful, summer fruit artwork with watermelon and strawberries. We’ll paint our outlines in back ink and then paint colour to complete these yummy fruits. 
East Vic. Park Mon 17 Jan, 1-2PM, Piara Waters Tuesday 11 Jan, 10-11AM

Unicorn Collage
Have fun making this serene Unicorn artwork with a golden horn and scratch-paper mane. We will use painting and collage techniques to create this lovely work on A3 paper.
Kingsley Mon 17 Jan, 9-10AM, East Vic. Park Thurs 13 Jan, 1-2PM, Nedlands, Tues 18 Jan, 10-11AM, Piara Waters Tuesday 11 Jan, 10-11AM

Super Sandwich
Create your own mega sandwich with a bun, tomato, beetroot, lettuce and cheese. Choose all the healthy ingredients to make a super sandwich on A3 paper. Kingsley, Mon 17 Jan, 10-11AM, East Vic. Park, Wednesday 19 Jan, 10-11AM, Nedlands, Wed 12 Jan, 1-2PM

Junior Artist January Holiday Classes

Apple Collage

Learn about UK artist Clare Youngs and her wonderful collage works. Create a delightful apple collage inspired by Clare’s ideas and patterns on A3 paper. East Vic. Park, Fri 10 Jan, 9-10AM

Rainbow Painting
Have fun while creating this painted rainbow artwork. Collage your rainbow onto a background and add some fluffy, white clouds. Add final decorative details with paint pens to finish this cute artwork.  
Nedlands Tues 18 Jan, 9-10AM, East Vic. Park, Fri 10 Jan, 10-11AM, Kingsley, Thurs 13 Jan, 9-10AM

We’ll look at sweet treats created by USA artist Wayne Thiebaud. Create some 3D lollipops with sculpture medium. We can mix colours and develop fine motor skills to create these fun lollipops.
Nedlands Thursday 20 Jan, 1-2PM, East Vic. Park Wed 19 Jan, 9-10AM, Kingsley Wed 19 Jan, 1-2PM

Creative Kids Art Club – Sweet Treat January Holiday Program 2022

Creative Kids January holiday art classes

Creative Kids (7-14yrs) 1 or 2hr workshops

Ice-cream Sundae (2hr workshop) $62
Design and create a 3D sculpture, ice cream sundae. We’ll mix colours together to create flavours, pile them up and pour a painted topping over it all. Complete with whipped cream and sprinkles.
Nedlands, Wed 12 Jan, 2-4PM, East Vic. Park Thurs 13 Jan, 2-4PM

Donut Drawing (1hr $32)
Draw this yummy, decorated donut sitting on a plate. Learn about making objects look 3D with the use of shadows and highlights and complete the artwork by choosing a tablecloth background.
East Vic. Park, Wed 19 Jan, 11-1PM, Kingsley, Mon 17 Jan, 11-12PM, Piara Waters, Tues 11 Jan, 11AM-12PM

Layered Cake Drawing (2hr workshop) $62
Learn about 101yr old USA artist Wayne Thiebaud. We’ll draw amazing cake on paper inspired by his series of sweet treat paintings. We’ll teach students highlights and shadows to create a 3D work.
East Vic. Park, Fri 10 Jan 11-1PM, Kingsley, Wed 19 Jan, 2-4PM, Nedlands, Thurs 20 Jan, 2-4PM

Cupcake Painting on Canvas (2hr workshop) $62
Have fun with this sweet treat painting on canvas. Design your cupcake and decorations while learning the painting techniques to add highlights and shadows for a 3D look.  
Kingsley, Thurs 13 Jan, 10-12PM, East Vic. Park, Mon 17 Jan, 2-4PM, Nedlands, Tues 18 Jan, 11-1PM

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All materials are provided for all our Junior Artist classes and Creative Kids workshops.  We have 4 locations in Perth with holiday classes. Art aprons are provided for the Creative Kids and art shirts for the Junior Artists. Each class is taken by a fully qualified and experienced art teacher with a maximum of twelve to fourteen students. Parents are not able to stay with their child at class. Our activities are planned by a professional artist and fully qualified and experienced primary school art teacher.

If a class is fully booked you can add your details to the waitlist and you will be notified if a place becomes available.

Age Range
The age ranges for classes varies depending on the complexity of the subject matter and the degree of difficulty. Please only enrol your child if they are within the specified age range. Fine motor skills, manual dexterity and concept development have all been taken into account when determining the age range for each workshop. We want your child to have fun and to be able to succeed with their art endeavours!