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September Holiday Program - now booking

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Our September holiday classes will run from Tuesday 28 September to Thursday 7 October at four venues; East Victoria Park, Kingsley, Nedlands and Piara Waters. We have a Junior Artist program for 4 to 6 yrs and a Creative Kids Program for 7 to 14yrs.

September School Holiday Program 2021 

September School Holiday Program

Junior Artists (4-6yrs) 1 hour class $32

Baboon Print Artwork
From the African grasslands, we have a wild baboon artwork on coloured paper.Kids will create their art work with printing, drawing and gluing techniques and take home a shy baboon artwork.
Kingsley, Fri 1 Oct, 9 to 10am,
East Vic. Park, Tues 5 Oct, 1 to 2pm (2 places left)
Nedlands, Thurs 7 Oct, 1 to 2pm

Sloth Drawing
We have a gorgeous hanging sloth to draw, just hanging around… as sloths do! This is a guided drawing class where children will learn how to identify the main shapes and draw the sloth in the South American jungle. We’ll add vines and foliage to complete the artwork on paper.
East Vic. Park Tues 28 Sep, 1 to 2pm, (2 places left)
Kingsley, Fri 1 Oct, 10 to 11am (Full)
Nedlands Mon 4 Oct, 10 to 11am

Leopard Drawing
Join us to draw and print this jungle Leopard. We’ll draw and print the leopard’s spots and colour the eyes and ears with oil pastels. We’ll draw the facial features and add some long whiskers to complete our artwork on paper.
Kingsley Tues 28 Sep, 9 to 10am (Full)
East Vic. Park Thurs 30 Sep, 9 to 10am (Full)
Nedlands, Mon 4 Oct, 9 to 10am (Full)

Giraffe Collage
We are off to Africa! Have fun creating a colourful, long-necked giraffe. We will be painting, cutting, collaging and gluing to create our smiley giraffe on A3 coloured paper.
Nedlands Wed 29 Sep, 1-2pm (Full)
East Vic. Park Thurs 30 Sep, 10-11am (Full)
East Vic Park Mon 4 Oct, 9-10am (Available)
Piara Waters Wed 6 Oct, 9-10am (Full)
Kingsley Wed 6 Oct, 1-2pm (Full)

September School Holiday Program

Creative Kids (7-14yrs) 1 or 2hr workshops

Forest Tiger Inspired by Illustrator Gareth Lucas (2hrs $62)
We will look at the amazing work of contemporary illustrator Gareth Lucas and draw a stunning tiger artwork. We will use soft chalk pastels to create our colourful work on A3 paper.
East Vic. Park, Tues 28 Sep, 2 to 4pm or Mon 4 Oct 10am to 12pm
Kingsley, Wed 6 Oct, 2 to 4pm
Nedlands, Thurs 7 Oct, 2 to 4pm

Lion Drawing (2hr workshop) $62 Ages 8 to 14yrs
Join us to draw a stunning lion on A3 brown paper with coloured pencils. We will teach students how to draw the basic face shape and then how to carefully add the features in. Finally, we will demonstrate how to add textures for the skin and fur. Ages 8yrs to 14yrs.
Kingsley, Tues 28 Sep, 10am to 12pm
East Vic. Park Thurs 30 Sep, 11am to 1pm (1 place left)
Nedlands, Mon 4 Oct, 11am to 1pm

Wild Animal Ink Drawings (2hr workshop) $62
Explore wild African animals through our ink drawing workshop. Choose from a rhino, elephant, or lioness to create ink portraits on paper. Two to three portraits can be drawn, each on A3 paper. Learn ink drawing techniques to add depth and a 3D look to the artwork.
Nedlands, Wed 29 Sep, 2 to 4pm
East Vic. Park, Tues 5 Oct, 2 to 4pm

African Elephant Ink Drawing (1hr workshop) $32

Try our one hour ink drawing workshop to create an African Elephant portrait on A3 paper. Learn drawing and ink painting techniques to add features and complete your 3D animal portrait.
Kingsley, Fri 1 Oct, 11am to 12pm
Piara Waters, Wed 6 Oct, 10 to 11am

Currambine - Under the Sea Community Art Workshops (Wed 29 Sep)
Join us for an ‘under the sea’ themed art workshop. The works from these sessions will be used for a community art project in Currambine. Children attending will not be able to take their work home with them on the day. It will be available for collection after being professionally scanned for the project. These workshops are provided free of charge by Currambine Central.
Creative Kids (5 to 8yrs), 9.30 to 10.30am (Full)
Art Club (8 to 14yrs), 10.30 to 11.30 (Available)


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All materials are provided for all our Junior Artist classes and Creative Kids workshops.  We have 4 locations in Perth with holiday classes. Art aprons are provided for the Creative Kids and art shirts for the Junior Artists. Each class is taken by a fully qualified and experienced art teacher with a maximum of twelve to fourteen students. Parents are not able to stay with their child at class. Our activities are planned by a professional artist and fully qualified and experienced primary school art teacher.

If a class is fully booked you can add your details to the waitlist and you will be notified if a place becomes available.

Age Range
The age ranges for classes varies depending on the complexity of the subject matter and the degree of difficulty. Please only enrol your child if they are within the specified age range. Fine motor skills, manual dexterity and concept development have all been taken into account when determining the age range for each workshop. We want your child to have fun and to be able to succeed with their art endeavours!