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Frequently Asked Questions

Do parents/carers need to stay during the classes?
There’s no need, your kids will be well looked after and too busy to notice you’re gone. Have an hour or two to yourself, read a book or grab a coffee!

Do we need to bring anything?
All materials, including art aprons, are provided. Children can bring water bottles and must wear shoes (not thongs) for safety reasons.

How many children are there in each class?
We intentionally keep classes small: a maximum of 14 students in each.

What do the children learn each term?
We have done over 400 activities as we run new programs every term. A typical program usually includes a one-week activity such as drawing, or watercolour painting, we also have longer project spanning three to four weeks. These ;projects differ each term, allowing children to develop skills and ideas in a particular medium such as printmaking, collage, clay, or painting on canvas. We’re always keeping an eye on what’s happening with international artists and movements, and devise activities based on their ideas so the children learn about world art.

Do you have different classes for older and younger children?
We have three programs on offer. Creative Kids for 5 to 8 yrs and Art Club for 9 to 14yrs and our Junior Artist program. Junior Artist classes are only run in the school holidays and are for 4 to 6 yr olds. As there is an age span of four years or more for each program, we aren't able to accept any children younger than the specified age for each program.

In terms of skills and ideas, a child's ability is determined more by previous art experience than by age. For example, we’ve taught nine year-olds who have never worked with clay, done printmaking or threaded a needle alongside five year-old veterans of our classes, who have confidence in all the major art areas. The longer children attend our classes, the more skilled and creative they become and we can always come up with new challenges to surprise them!

Can I stay for the class and help my child?
All our teachers are qualified and experienced primary school and specialist art teachers and can assist and encourage your child with the activities. If, however, your child is young and very nervous about attending then it is possible to stay for the first class as an observer. Please enquire when you enrol and list any behavioural or learning considerations on the enrolment form.

My child has food allergies, are children given food in class?
No. Due to health and safety concerns no food at all is permitted in class because we use materials such as dye, paint, clay etc. So any food brought from home should be eaten before attending class – and don’t forget to fill in details of any medical conditions as required on the enrolment form.

Can I drop my child earlier than the class time?
Our teachers need time to set up the room and materials for the class. Children should arrive a couple of minutes before the class is due to start.

What if I am running late to collect my child?
Punctuality in collecting your child is appreciated, as our teachers will wait till all children have been collected from the venue. If you are more than five minutes late the class teacher will call you to see where you are. If an unexpected circumstance arises and it is not possible to collect your child at the specified time please text Jane on 0408 194441 and she will alert the class teacher.

My child has a learning condition is it possible for them to attend classes?
We accept children with a range of learning abilities, if they have a genuine interest in learning about art. We may also be able to provide an educational assistant for your child if required. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate children with behaviours that are disruptive to other students.

Do you run a school holiday program?
Yes, we run a school holiday program for two weeks each school holidays. Check our social media and website for updates, or subscribe to our mailing list to find out more.

My child has turned 9, where can they go for art classes?
We have an Art Club program for students 9 to 14 years. It is currently running in several locations. See all the details on our Art Club page.

My four year-old loves art, can they attend classes?
Children who are 4 to 6 yrs are able to attend our Junior Artist program in the school holidays. We don't have any other classes for 4 yr olds.

Can I put my child's name down for classes?
Sorry, but due to the popularity of Creative Kids Arts Club, your child is accepted for class only upon receipt of a completed enrolment form and full payment. Please refer to our Classes & Bookings page for fees and enrolment details.

I don’t live anywhere near your current class locations, will you come to my area?
Let’s talk about it! If you are more than ten minutes from one of our locations and have five children who would like to join us, we will see if we can organise a class for you. Email Jane.

What about your children’s art parties?
You’ll find all the details on our Art Parties page.

Do you run anything for adults?
We can run classes for adults, just let us know what you are after. We also hold professional development days for teachers and teacher assistants at schools around Perth. We run workshops for public events, schools, local councils and community centres. Previous workshops include activities such as mono-printing, monster sculptures, pen and ink wash drawings, clay work, Italian themed art, self-portrait pencil drawing, self-portraits in clay and mask-making.

All of these are by arrangement, so get in touch with Jane to discuss your needs.