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Award winning after-school and holiday art classes for kids

Find us at Art Upmarket 6 April for some fun kids activties.

Do you want your kids to have fun, learn how to problem-solve, and increase their social skills while learning to draw, paint and make things? Creative Kids Art Club offers after-school art and craft activities at multiple locations in Perth, Western Australia. Our emphasis is on having fun, learning some art skills and trying new things.

Our team of experienced art teachers encourage kids to develop their creativity, trying out everything from painting, mask-making, drawing, decoupage, and sewing, to sculpture, clay work, papier mâché, print-making and more. Our program changes every term, and classes are designed to enhance children’s natural abilities to see elements such as line, shape, colour and composition.

You can also book Creative Kids Art Club to do children’s art parties.

Find our more about us, and where we teach.

Creative Kids Art Club was awarded Most Creative Business in the 2018 Belmont and WA Small Business Awards in recognition of our outstanding contribution in business excellence. We have also been awarded Active Activities top 25 Most Popular activity in 2017, 2016 and 2015.

Creative Kids Art Club Awards

Read testimonials from parents and children:

Isla absolutely loves her art class, It's her peaceful, happy time.
Ian, June 2017

Amelia is loving her art class on Thursday
Karen, June 2017

Thanks for an awesome term, Aizza thoroughly enjoyed it.
Faranak, April 2017

Melody has certainly enjoyed the classes with you. Thank you for your time in creating opportunities for kids to delve into the art world.
Debbie, March 2017

My son Jonathon has really enjoyed lessons in Kingsley and I can see his growing interest and improvement
Li, April 2017

Thank you very much for your great classes, Ivy has enjoyed them very much!
Fareen, September 2016

Thank you so much. Lilah had a great time this week and is looking forward to next week.
Lisa May, 2017

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